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It’s often seen as embellishment. The extra. The fluff. It isn’t.

It is a life-saving force.


Owning our beauty, particularly as we age, in conscious ways is a practice not a price tag. Our garments, adornments, and style are the calling card of our soul, the message we amplify to the world: we are worthy of being seen in every iteration.  

Beauty is not an age, a size, a socioeconomic bracket, nor a designer label.  

Beauty is a political act. Awakening to beauty enlivens the soul.

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What people are saying:

Just being in Dame Lori's presence is like a coaching session in itself. Her spellbinding style, wry sense of humor, down to earth nature, and genuine, loving heart are just some of the things that make her truly, TRULY one of a kind!

Kitty Cavalier, Author, Sensuality Coach and founder of Club Macaron

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Dame Lori harnesses the profound power of beauty to transform how women see themselves and their world.