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About Lori

Lori Sutherland is a Pleasure Visionary, speaker, writer, influencer, model, and facilitator of educational programming and bespoke events celebrating how beauty transforms the world. For nearly three decades, Lori has worked with companies, non-profits, and individuals as a teacher, soul stylist, and consultant. Her Sensual Soul Style program advances women into unparalleled creative visionary leadership.


What she does

Dame Lori Unlimited is instrumental in re-defining beauty for a range of clients by deepening and developing their access to soul-style inspired, curated wardrobes and pieces which evoke a woman’s uniqueness and power. Lori offers custom Sensual Soul Style programs for individuals, retailers, textile companies, designers, sustainable business owners, sales teams, and others in the fashion industry.

Lori is also available for:

  • customized salons and events. Select topics include: Sensual Soul Style over 60, Pleasure Visionary Leadership, and Sensual Soul Style for the Real World

  • ambassadorship for design collaborations and partnerships

  • conferences, private events, salons, educational immersion days, and modeling


What people are saying

Lori works in magical, unexplainable ways with completely scalable results. She has helped me grow both my non-profit, Spread the Sparkle and my digital content agency, Swirl Studios. There is only one Dame. If you're looking for someone outrageous and relatable, she's the one.

Abbey LeVine, Partner + Head of Content at Swirl Studios


For nearly three decades, Lori has worked with companies, non-profits, and individuals as a teacher, soul stylist, and consultant.


Board Member

Lori was a founding board member of The New Space for Women's Health and The Flawless Foundation, a former board member of Choices in Childbirth, and currently serves as founding board member of Spread the Sparkle.

Events Coordinator

For 13 years, Lori used her soul styling experience to produce vintage and couture events for the New York City Opera Thrift Shop, named by Vogue magazine as "the highest quality thrift shop in New York." working with corporate donors in the design community.  She brought her experience and passion for style from streetwear to custom couture to her clients as she continues to do today.


As the first Director of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Lori’s work as a master facilitator, coach, and stylist impacted a generation of women. She was certified as a Coach personally by Regena Thomashauer and as a Sensuality Practitioner by Drs. Vera and Steve Bodansky. In 2007 Lori was the birthing doula for the Womanly Arts Mastery Program and in 2008 she graduated from the Buddhist Chaplaincy Training Program.  


As one of the first wave of formally trained activist, fundraiser, event producers for Housing Works, Lori experienced beauty as a political act and had a spiritual awakening. She has been a fierce advocate throughout her life and has served multiple programs supporting HIV/AIDS patients, the homeless, the arts, prison and hospice chaplaincy, women's empowerment, natural birthing advocacy and mental health activism.