Spread the Sparkle Soul Glow & Art Fundraiser (50% Off Use Code: Sparklefriend)
3:00 PM15:00

Spread the Sparkle Soul Glow & Art Fundraiser (50% Off Use Code: Sparklefriend)

SPECIAL OFFER FOR $56 TICKETS! Coupon Code is: Sparklefriend.

Greetings to our Spread the Sparkle Family!

Please join us for this amazing fundraiser to support Spread the Sparkles’ Annual Holiday Experience for over 250 disabled women and their families who are surviving domestic violence. Over 20 healers here for you.

On Sunday, November 4, 3-6pm, Spread the Sparkle is hosting an astonishing afternoon of refueling, re-energizing and RADICAL SELF-CARE! Please share this with all your friends who desires to get their SOUL GLOW ON!

For 3 hours, we invite you to surrender to SIX Personally Curated Zen Stations that will be filled with insight, magic, wonder, light infusion, community and tribe vibes. With over 20 Soul Glow Practitioners at your touch, you may choose from transformative services that include tarot, massage, meditation, spiritual readings, intuitives, dance, sound bathing, a gratitude wall, essential oils and so much more. All designed to deliver you exemplary, exquisite care for your entire mind and body. This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself permission to receive as you support Spread the Sparkle's mission of celebratory service.

And when you want to step aside, there are delicious Soul Glow Sips and Snacks to enjoy while you are surrounded by a Silent Auction Gallery of original art and handmade wearables. (Which we will be posting photos beginning Monday, October 22 so that our worldwide friends can participate and bid during the event!)

This sensual Soul Glow + Art Auction Experience is our major source to raise funds and continue our annual holiday celebrations for families who have been challenged. Last Christmas, we DOUBLED our event size to 250 women, kids and men, creating lasting family memories for them. This year, we desire to keep expanding our goals. Please watch what our love does for others in our short video from Mother’s Day 2016 http://www.spreadthesparkle.org/video/

Here's the link to buy tickets: https://spreadthesparkle.ticketspice.com/soul-glow-and-art-fundraiser

And if you cannot attend or participate, here is a place to donate: http://www.spreadthesparkle.org/donate/

We are still looking for Soul Glow Practitioners & Artists to donate their services and art. Please post below if you are interested and we will contact you.

Spread the Sparkle is a 501c3 and all gifts are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

From all of us at Spread the Sparkle, we can't wait to see you Glow Your Soul.

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Morphew Fashion Privé at Baccarat Hotel, NYC
to Oct 20

Morphew Fashion Privé at Baccarat Hotel, NYC

Dame Lori was Soul Styling & Modeling Morphew’s exclusive couture vintage pieces from around the world.

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Portal of the Feminine
to Jun 17

Portal of the Feminine

  • South Ornage, NJ 07079 United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Join us as we guide you in exploring your erotic embodiment and the role of arousal in your creative life. Develop your ability to identify and express your desires, and discover new ways of listening to the voice and wisdom of your own body. Now in its seventh year,  Portal of the Feminine is a sexual reclaiming and wellness program designed for women and centered in body-based learning. This non-residential retreat is open to women of all ages, sexual orientation, and levels of sexual education and experience.

Now more than ever, women are called upon to come back to their bodies, and feel the full agency of both their collective and individual power. You will leave this workshop feeling turned on, empowered, and full of a sense of renewal.

Portal of the Feminine is an invitation to discover a new entryway into your own body. You will take the time to listen to your body and actually talk to the erotic inside of you. You will have the opportunity to be witnessed both by your fellow participants and by the lens of a camera. We will encourage you to listen to what your body wants and you will be able to explore your erotic nature in your own way, with the guidance and support of experienced teachers of female sexuality.

Portal of the Feminine is a sacred, playful, and intentional environment in which each woman's choices, boundaries, and expressions are honored and celebrated. We will go deep into the potential pleasure and wisdom of our bodies. Each woman will deepen her relationship with her own body, as well as learning through supporting and witnessing other women in their unfolding.

Together we will experience our bodies' full range of expression and experience, in both the physical and energetic realms, dancing in both the dark and the light of pleasure. Participants will explore and expand upon their awareness and knowledge of their own bodies through:

  • Movement
  • The art of adoration
  • Expanded arousal
  • Boudoir photography
  • Orgasmic meditation
  • And playing with sensation.

We will explore both the power of sexual initiative and the bliss of surrender. 

Are you ready to develop an internal guide to successfully and sustainably explore your sexuality?

Please join Pamela Madsen, internationally renowned sex educator and pioneer in women's sexuality; Lori Sutherland, founder of Dame Lori Unlimited, who will be teaching Sensual Soul Style: Owning Your Beauty through the Power of Visionary Leadership, and the Art of Adoration; JonGunnar who will capture and help call forth your erotic nature in images through private boudoir sessions; and Neal Wecker, CSB Senior Core Team Member of Back to the Body.

We will come together on Friday evening (June 15th) to get to know one other, share light food and refreshments, and set our collective intentions for the weekend. 

On Saturday we will begin the process of exploring, reclaiming and getting to know parts of our own erotic selves that we may never have explored before.

On Friday evening, we will begin at 7pm and complete no later than 11pm. On Saturday and Sunday, we will begin at 10am and end by 6pm.  Lodging options are listed below for this event and are not included in the retreat investment.

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