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Our Mission

Dame Lori Unlimited offers soul-expanding beauty for every woman. “Sensual Soul Style” is defined as the expression of a woman embodying her resources: knowledge, beauty, grace, intelligence, wit, ingenuity, humor—everything she is. We facilitate and stimulate her access to exquisite personal expression.


Dame Lori Unlimited champions inclusive expressions of all beauty which uplift, amplify self-expression, rejoice in feminine leadership, and celebrate a woman’s confidence no matter her shape, size, or income. We embrace living out loud, supporting each other, new paradigms of beauty, sustainable, soul-stainable, eco-friendly style, recycling, reinvention, and service to others.

What people are saying


Who is a Dame?

A Dame is a woman in possession of her body, elegance, confidence, spirit, smarts, succulence, and sass. When a woman sees herself as titled, whether she has a formal title bestowed upon her or not, it’s an appointment, not an entitlement. Any woman may feel called to the position in her possession. Giving oneself a name, a title, a nickname, a burlesque name—these are embodiments, reminders of the sacredness, sensuality, and mystery women enter at birth. Dame Lori Unlimited celebrates their individuality and verve.