Pleasure Visionary Leadership Package


Lori helms her signature Pleasure Visionary Leadership Program, an educational intensive which unleashes the potency of feminine leadership and sensual power through acquainting participants with their sacred feminine sources of beauty. Lori’s signature Pleasure Visionary Leadership programs are available for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and leaders.

Lori’s methods:

  • Reveal inspired, actionable steps for participants to have a pleasure-based professional and personal life

  • Reduce stress, provide health benefits, and encourage problem-solving

  • Empower teams

  • Amplify an organization’s core messaging to create profit through pleasure

  • Integrate a new paradigm which transforms client relationships by employing sensuality, community building, and actionable visions

  • Create compassionate negotiation and partnerships

  • Employ principles of pleasure in daily practice as the highest priority rather than an afterthought

  • Create a chic, gorgeous personal soul style that you adore; effortlessly and inexpensively

How it works:

  • The fee is $3000 for 11 (1-hour) sessions during a 3-month period (payment plan monthly or $2800 paid in full.

  • The 1st session (2 hours) is in person, if desired, and completely devoted to whetting your appetite with delicious desires.

  • The regular weekly sessions are 1-hour Zoom sessions designed to make them happen in actionable visions and/or in person via my home office or NYC office. Special calls do occur to address possible breakthroughs or breakdowns.

  • The 11th session is designed for your digestion of desires: processing, acknowledging, and expanding your pleasure. Available in person, if desired.

  • E-mails, phone calls, and texts are highly welcomed throughout to ensure the consistent growth and practice. Plus: customized pleasure assignments to hit the hotspots that are designed to elevate and expand your Pleasure Visions.