Sensual Sustainability Package


Often creatives lose their vibrant brilliance and passion for the sustainable culture they are birthing which can cause loss of their empowered purpose. Integrating the principal powers of pleasure based upon the arts and sciences of sensuality gives a designer permission and freedom to abandon corrupting patriarchal pressures. Instead of feeling like there is a depletion of sacred sustainable sources,  a new paradigm will emerge and forge the direct link that when one cultivates a sensual life, the experience of slow sustainable successful growth will emerge and enrich a company’s culture infinitely.

When a leader in sustainability wavers, soul-styled guidance is the key to re-discovering the creative mission and purpose of their work. Integrating pleasure and the arts and sciences of sensuality allows professionals, creatives, and way-showers the freedom to abandon patriarchal—yet routine—pressures. Instead of feeling depleted, a new paradigm forges a direct link: when designers and the c-suite cultivate a sensual life, the experience of slow, sustainable successful growth emerges and enriches a company’s culture.

Lori’s methods:

  • Employ deep vision work to determine your enlightened visions and actualize them

  • Learn how to bring more joy to your professional environment so you can sustain the day using the tools and professional principles of pleasure

  • Amplify a creative’s core messaging to create profit through pleasure

  • Accessing the potency of feminine leadership and sensual empowerment skills

How it works:

We will birth your sensual soul style statement and then create a capsule collection of sustainable and sensual pieces that will capture your soul style.

  • 7 hours In-person or Skype sessions to create your Soul Style

  • Resources, visions, tips, assignments pleasurably offered to expand your vision of self-adoration and adornment.

  • E-mails, phone calls, and texts are highly welcomed throughout to ensure the consistent growth and practice.