Private Sensual Soul Styling Package


Dame Lori Unlimited re-defines beauty by deepening and developing an individual’s access to soul-style inspired, curated wardrobes and pieces. In turn, her clients’ evocative uniqueness and power shapes her life.

The slow accumulation of a curated collection honors the sensual sustainability of a woman empowered by her sacred sources of beauty. This full-bodied expression is life changing and inspiring for all who get to witness this unfolding.

Would you like to know and own your styling vision, your beauty, and your body before you ever set foot in a shop? Let the Dame teach you how to adore, adorn and astonish yourself through the education of style, the application of sensuality, and the science of pleasure.

You will learn:

  • How to discover and explore your Soul Style statement and instantly integrate it into your closet today.

  • How to feel completely inspired about creating your chic styling plan and conjuring the most perfect pieces for you, oh so pleasurably—regardless and in respect of your spending plan.

  • How to discern what pieces and looks will turn you on and fill you with confidence every time you open your door and step out into the world.

How it works:

  • 7 hours in-person or Skype sessions to create your Soul Style

  • A closet consultation to create a visual reflection of your pleasure-filled turn on Soul styling/shopping inspirational & educational adventures and exercises to serve your birthing Soul Style!

  • Resources, visions, tips, assignments pleasurably offered to expand your vision of self-adoration and adornment.